When did Dream Finders Homes become a public company?

Dream Finders Homes completed its IPO in January 2021 and commenced trading on NASDAQ on January 21, 2021.

Which stock exchange is Dream Finders Homes traded on and what is the ticker symbol?

Dream Finders Homes is listed on NYSE under ticker symbol ‘DFH’.

Does Dream Finders Homes pay a quarterly dividend?

No, Dream Finders Homes does not pay a quarterly dividend.

Who serves as the registrar and transfer agent for Dream Finders Homes?

Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions Inc. serves as the registrar and transfer agent.

How can I obtain copies of financial information for Dream Finders Homes?

Most of the company's reports and financial filings can be retrieved from the News Releases, Financial Reports or SEC Reports section of this website. They can also be accessed via the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) website at www.sec.gov.

How do I contact Dream Finders Homes Investor Relations?

You can contact Investor Relations via email at investors@dreamfindershomes.com.

How do I sign up for email alerts?

You can sign up for email alerts here.

Has Dream Finders Homes ever had a stock split?

Dream Finders Homes has not had a stock split.

What markets does Dream Finders Homes serve?

Dream Finders Homes operates across the United States in 9 states, which include the states of Florida, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, Virginia, Maryland and Tennessee.

How do I invest in Dream Finders Homes?

Dream Finders Homes stock may be bought or sold at any financial institution that provides brokerage services.

Does Dream Finders Homes have a direct stock purchase plan?

Dream Finders Homes does not have a direct stock purchase plan.

When was Dream Finders Homes founded?

Dream Finders Homes was founded by CEO, Patrick Zalupski, in 2008.

What is Dream Finders Homes’ fiscal year end?

Dream Finders uses a fiscal year that aligns with the calendar year, ending on December 31st.

Where is the Dream Finders Homes’ Headquarters?

Dream Finders Homes is based in Jacksonville, FL, where it was founded in 2008.